C Program – Check a number is Palindrome or not

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C Program to check a given number is palindrome or not.

Number is Palindrome or not ?

long int reverse(long int n); 
int isPalindrome(long int num); 
int main(void) 
    long int num; 
    printf("Enter any number : "); 
        printf("Given Number is a palindrome\n"); 
        printf("Given Number is not a palindrome\n"); 
    return 0; 
int isPalindrome(long int num) 
        return 1; 
    return 0; 
long int reverse(long int n) 
    long int rev=0; 
    return rev; 

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Enter any number : 568956
Given Number is not a palindrome

Enter any number : 56465
Given Number is a palindrome


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