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Hibernate Examples

Hibernate Examples

Hibernate is some thing called as an ORM tool, however initially it started as a ORM tool. There are lot of features that are added over the years, so that it is actually much more than ORM. ORM is in the data layer of an application, which is used to persist the application data into the database, it implements the JPA (Java Persistence API). JPA is a set of standards that follows the rules that have prescribed in the JPA specification.

In this tutorials, we are going to implement Hibernate Examples with respect to the each topic in Hibernate.

Hibernate Examples for Basic Concepts :

Hibernate Examples for Associations (Relationships):

Hibernate Examples for Criteria :

Hibernate Examples for Generators :

Hibernate Examples for Inheritance Strategies :

Hibernate Examples for Internal Concepts :

Hibernate Integrations :

Hibernate for Interview :

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    why beanFactory dosen’t suport annotations?pls rpy me?early?

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