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Java 8 – How to set JAVA_HOME on Windows10

In this tutorials, I am going to show you how to set  JAVA_HOME on Windows10 operating system.

Note : Assuming Java8 installed on your local (Windows10) machine, if not, you can see our previous tutorials how to install Java8 on Windows10.

Set JAVA_HOME on Windows10 :

It will take several steps to create  JAVA_HOME.

Open Environment Variables :

Search for Advanced System Settings in Search box like below:

JAVA_HOME on windows10

by selecting the above Advanced System Settings you can see the below System Properties window.

JAVA_HOME on windows10

Click on Environment Variables >

Click in New button under System variables session to create JAVA_HOME :

JAVA_HOME on windows10

Enter variable name as “JAVA_HOME”, give variable value as your JDK path and click Ok.

Note : variable value should till java home path, it doesn’t include \bin.

JAVA_HOME on Windows10

Now select Path variable and click on Edit button :

JAVA_HOME on windws10

Now opens another window like below: This is new widow introduced from Windows10.

JAVA_HOME windows10

Here click on new button and add environment variable %JAVA_HOME%\bin like below.

JAVA_HOME on Windows10

Click on OK.

Test :

Open command prompt and execute below  commands :


Happy Learning 🙂

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