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June, 2015

  • 11 June

    Java LinkedList class

    The Java LinkedList class is a generic class that provides a linked-list data structure for storing and managing elements. This class implements the List, Queue, and DeQueue interfaces. Some of the key features of the LinkedList class include: Ability to implement a doubly-linked list data structure that allows operations to …

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  • 11 June

    ArrayList in Java

    The ArrayList in Java is a generic class that implements the List interface. This class provides a way to create dynamic arrays in Java. The ArrayList in Java implements all list operations, and permits all operations include duplicates. Every ArrayList instance has a initial capacity, the capacity is the size …

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  • 10 June

    Vector in Java

    Vector in Java is a legacy class that implements a dynamic array. In Java 8, the Vector class is fully compatible with collections framework and implements the List interface. However, the Vector class still retains its old functionality that duplicates some of the methods in the Collections Framework. Note: The …

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  • 3 June

    Java 8 Stream API and Parallelism

    Stream API and Parallelism The Stream API is a new feature in Java 8 that provides advanced capabilities to manipulate large collections of data. It is one of the most significant new features in Java 8 because of its ability to support sophisticated operations and execute parallel tasks. By using …

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  • 1 June

    Factory Method Pattern in Java

    Factory Method Pattern is one of the most commonly used pattern in Java and C# languages. The pattern is comes under creational design pattern from the GoF (Gang Of Four) Book. In Factory Pattern Objects will be created without exposing the creation logic and refers the new created objects to a …

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May, 2015

  • 28 May

    Lambda Expressions in Java

    Java 8 Feature – Lambda Expressions Lambda expression is a significant new feature in Java 8 that enables developers to use functional programming features in Java code. The introduction of lambda expressions and related features in Java 8 has led to the addition of new syntax elements and constructs to …

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  • 23 May

    Types Of Inheritance in Java

    Inheritance is the key feature for the Object Oriented Programming as there is class to inherit the property allocated. Inheritance in Java occurs when the single class extends with another class then it inherits the non-private members. This includes the fields and methods that is made in the process. The …

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  • 21 May

    == Versus .equals() in Java

    Frequently in Java code we come across the usage of == and equals(). The question arises whether == and equals() perform the same operations or whether they work differently. To answer this question, let us examine how == and equals() work and then identify their differences. The == operator: The …

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  • 20 May

    Oops Concepts In Java

    Oops Concepts Object Oriented Programming is the paradigm or methodology that is used for designing the program using its objects or classes. Generally the object is the real word things like chair, pen, table or any other. Oops concepts generally simplifies the development of software and maintain the concepts in …

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  • 18 May

    LinkedHashSet in Java

    In the previous tutorials we have discuss about What is HashSet and Tree Set with customizable sorting. Now we are going to discuss about LinkedHashSet. LinkedHashSet is child class of HashSet, which was introduced at Java 1.4 Version. The underlaying data structure of the LinkedHashSet is the combination of HashTable …

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  • 16 May

    Overriding vs Overloading in Java

    Overriding vs overloading is regarded as one of the famous interview questions asked from Java at numerous companies and by plenty of programmers. There are some significant differences taking place between method overriding and overloading in Java. Although, it is extremely essential to know how to employ both overriding and …

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  • 14 May

    TreeSet with Customizable Sorting in Java

    In this tutorials, we are going to learn what is TreeSet in Java and how to apply customized sorting on TreeSet. TreeSet in java is the implementation of the NavigableSet. The underlying data structure for TreeSet is Balanced Tree. Since it is a Set, it doesn’t allow the duplicate values …

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  • 13 May

    Serialization and DeSerialization Example in Java

    Serialization Serialization is the process of storing the state of an object to a sequence of bytes in the secondary storage device. If we want to make a class as Serializable, we should implement the interface, It is a marker interface. By knowing the values associated with the properties, …

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  • 12 May

    How HashSet works in Java

    Java Collection Framework provides a set of interfaces and implemented classes. The HashSet is the direct implementation of the Set interface. Which provides the functionality to store the collection of Objects. HashSet in Java The underlying datastructure of the HashSet is a Hash Map. When we create a HashSet Object, …

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  • 11 May

    public static void main(String args[])

    In Java main method is an entry point of the any core Java program. Why I am mention specifically as core Java program is, in other than the core Java programs like Servlets, applets and any Java based frameworks, can have their own life cycles and have their own entry …

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