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PHP break statement and continue Example

In this tutorial we are going to learn about php break statement and continue and those importances.

PHP break statement :

A break statement is useful when we wants to exit from a loop without completing the iteration.

The keyword break is used universally to get out of loops in PHP. It works for the for, foreach, switch statements, and while statements.

$apples = array(100, 200, 1100, 300, 600);
$v1 = 0;
$sum = 0;
while ($v1 <= 5) {
if ($sum > 1400) {
$sum = $sum + $apples[$v1];
$v1 = $v1 + 1;
echo $sum;


On the above example, the break statement is executed when ever the $sum value is greater then 1400.

PHP Continue Statement :

This statement is used when the developer directs control to the beginning of a loop, effectively skipping other statements inside the loop.

The keyword continue is used. It is also associated with the if statements.


$x = 1;
echo 'even numbers upto 10<br />';
while ($x <= 10) {
if ($x % 2) {
} else {
echo $x . '<br />';

even numbers upto 10

Happy Learning 🙂


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