December 2015

Spring Java Configuration Example

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Spring allows us to configure bean definitions in Java class. From Spring3 it supports Java configuration instead of xml based configuration. In this tutorial, we are going to implement the Spring Java Configuration. Before going to implementation, lets see the differences between the spring xml configuration and spring Java configuration. [...]

Spring Collection Dependency List Example

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Till now, we inject the dependencies from the spring configuration file as simple types like primitives or wrapper classes (Objects) through the <properties> tag. But in Spring we can define the dependencies for three different types. Simple Type Object Type and Collection Type In the all previous Spring examples, we [...]

November 2015

spring expression language example

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n this tutorial, we are going to learn about Spring Expression Language (SpEL) with annotations. Spring Expression Language is a powerful language to query from Object graph and manipulate data in Object graph during run time. SpEL can be used both with XML and annotation based configuration. [box type="shadow" align="alignleft" [...]

September 2015

BeanFactory Example in Spring

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  In order to instantiate the Spring core container, we can we create an object of the BeanFactory or ApplicationContext implementation classes by passing the Spring configuration. The Spring Framework comes with two distinct types of containers: BeanFactory Interface ApplicationContext Interface BeanFactory : BeanFactory is an interface, which is coming [...]

Dependency Injection (IoC) in spring with Example

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What is Dependency Injection : Dependency injection is also called as Inversion of control. The Inversion of control is a design pattern describing an external entity. It is used to write objects at creation time by injecting their dependencies, so that they can work together in a system. In other [...]

Advantages of Spring Framework

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Spring Framework: Spring is one of the most popular open source frameworks for developing enterprise applications. It provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing  Java enterprise level applications. Spring also enables the developer to create high performing, easily testable, reusable and loose coupling enterprise Java application. The main 4 key strategies [...]

April 2015

Spring MVC HelloWorld

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MVC stands for Model View Controller. The Spring MVC framework is one of the popular frameworks across all the frameworks available in the market. Because the advantages of Spring MVC framework tells the importance of Spring MVC. In this tutorial we are going develop step by step Spring MVC Helloworld [...]