In this tutorials, we will see how to Configure Android Studio with the basic components.

Configure Android Studio :

In the previous tutorials, we have seen how to install Android Studio, now we will see how to it.

Step 1 :

Open Android Studio :

Then Click on Configure on bottom right of  the window.

Configure Android Studio

Select SDK Manager from configure drop-down.

Step : 2

Select SDK Platforms tab. Where you can see all the available android sdk packages w.r.t the versions.

Configure Android Studio -min

then click on SDK Tools.

Step 3 :

Here we need select couple of things like Android Emulator, Android SDK Platform tools and Google Services. I have selected all basic services below.

Configure android Studio 29

Click on OK, you will prompted with Dialog like below.

Step 4:

Configure Android Studio

Click on OK and download starts.

So Basically, Here we are downloading some important versions to setup development environment, so that we can develop our apps.  After finishing the installation, click on Finish.

Happy Learning 🙂