How to Install Ant on Windows 10

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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to set up or install ant on Windows 10 operating system.

Install Ant on Windows 10 :

Download the latest version of Apache ant from here, now it is

apache ant installation windows 10

Download the above-mentioned latest version and unzip the folder at your preferred location.

The unzipped ant folder like below.

ant installation windows 10 2

Set Ant_Home :

Before going to set Ant_Home, you should Set JAVA_HOME on your machine. If Java Home hasn’t been set in your computer, go through the below-recommended article to set the Java Home on windows 10 and proceed further.
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Add Ant_Home at Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables > System Variables > New

Variable name : ANT_HOME

Variable value: Extracted ant home path. For me it is D:\Softwares\apache-ant-1.10.2

Install Ant on Windows 3

Click OK.

Edit Path Variable :

Select the Path variable under the System Variable session and click on Edit, you can see Edit Environment Variable window like below.

Install Ant on Windows 10 4

Click on New button and give path like %ANT_HOME%\binand click on OK.

Test It :

Close your windows command prompt and reopen it check for ant version by passing this command ant -v

Install Ant on Windows 5

There you can see the installed version of the Ant.

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