Here we will see how to install AWS CLI on windows 10 operating system.

Install AWS CLI on Windows 10:

AWS CLI (Command Line Interface) is a toolkit provided by AWS to interact with the AWS services from the command line. In this tutorial, we will see step by step AWS CLI installation on Windows 10 operating system.

1. Download AWS CLI:

I am doing this installation on my windows 10 laptop, but it can be same to all windows versions, and the only one prerequisite to install AWS CLI is you must behave Windows XP or later.

You can download the AWS CLI in 3 different ways based on the os version.

I am going with the last one as because it automatically detects the windows configuration and gives the appropriate setup file.

2. AWS CLI Installation:

Download the AWSCLISetup.exe file, run as administrator and follow the below steps.

Install AWS CLI on windows 10

Agree on the licence and click on the Install button, then you will be prompted to the below window.

Install AWS CLI on windows 10 -2

There you can see the installation setup process, let’s provide some time to install the things. After successful completion, you will be prompt with the below success window.

Install AWS CLI on windows 10 -3

Click on close. That’s it for installation, now time to verification.


Open Windows Command prompt and ask AWS version if everything went well so far, It gives you AWS CLI version.

Install AWS CLI on windows 10 -4


Happy Learning 🙂