C Tutorials:

C is a powerful general-purpose programming language; It is fast, portable and available in all platforms.

C Examples:

This tutorial is designed for software freshers who are willing to learn C programming and want to do practical examples on C programming language.

  1. C Program Addition and Subtraction without using + – Operators
  2. C Program – Bubble Sort Program in C
  3. C Program – Reverse the Elements of an Array
  4. C Program – Multiplication of two Matrices Example
  5. C Program – Addition of two Matrices Example
  6. C Program – To add elements in an array
  7. C Program – Find Largest and Smallest number the in the given Array
  8. C Program – Sum of digits of given number till single digit
  9. C Program – Find GCD of two numbers
  10. C Program – Print prime numbers between two numbers
  11. C Program – Armstrong numbers between given numbers
  12. C Program – Reverse of a number
  13. C Program – Print the sum of digits of given number
  14. C Program – Check a number is Palindrome or not
  15. C Program – Check whether a given number is Even or Odd
  16. C Program – Find the factorial of given number
  17. C Program – Find a number is prime or not
  18. C Program – Ways to Generate Fibonacci Series

Happy Learning 🙂