What is Data Structures ?

The term data structure is used to describe the way data is stored, and the term algorithm is used to describe the way data is processed. Data structures and algorithms are interrelated. Choosing a data structure affects the kind of algorithm you might use, and choosing an

Organization of data In Data Structures

The collection of data you work with in a program have some kind of structure or organization of data In Data Structures. No matte how complex your data structures are they can be broken down into two fundamental types.

What is an Algorithm ?

An algorithm is a finite sequence of instructions, each of which has a clear meaning and can be performed with a finite amount of effort in a finite length of time. No matter what the input values may be, an algorithm terminates after executing a finite number of instructions.

What is Linked List ?

A linked list is a non-sequential collection of data items. It is a dynamic data structure. For every data item in a linked list, there is an associated pointer that would give the memory location of the next data item in the linked list. The data items in the linked list are not in consecutive

Difference between Linkedlist and Array

Linked lists and arrays are similar since they both store collections of data. Array is the most common data structure used to store collections of elements. Arrays are convenient to declare and provide the easy syntax to access any element by its index number.Once the array is set

Sorting Algorithms

Bubble Sort Example using Java

Sorting is the algorithm that can put the elements of a list in a certain order. In fact, the Sorting is used to specify the most used orders such as numerical order and lexicographical order. Rather, this algorithm is important for optimizing the use of other algorithms which includes

Selection Sort Example using Java

Sorting allows us an efficient arrangement of elements within a given data structure. It is a way in which the elements are organized systematically. In this tutorial we are learning about a most frequently used Selection Sort.

Insertion Sort Example using Java

The Insertion Sort algorithm is used to specify all the data present in an array and it wish to rearrange it order and the sort them at highest index position. However, if the data are reading into the array, the one element has to be replaced at the time and insert the element for sorting

Searching Algorithms

Linear Search using Java

There are basically two aspects of computer programming. One is data organization also commonly called as data structures. Till now we have seen about data structures and the techniques and algorithms used to access them. The other part of computer programming

Binary Search using Java

In Binary search we jump into the middle of the file, where we find key a[mid], and compare ‘x’ with a[mid]. If x = a[mid] then the desired record has been found. If x < a[mid] then ‘x’ must be in that portion of the file that precedes a[mid]. Similarly, if a[mid] > x, then further search is