How to install Elasticsearch on Windows 10

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In this tutorials, we will show how to install Elasticsearch on Windows 10 operating system.


  • Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
  • Elasticsearch 6.7.1


Elasticsearch requires Java 8 (or later) installation to run. If you haven’t installed Java yet, follow our previous article to install Java on Windows operating system.

Install Elasticsearch on Windows 10:

Follow the below steps to download and install Elasticsearch.

Get Elasticsearch:

Download the latest Elasticsearchthe from the official website. Usually, it will be available as a .zip file.

Install Elasticsearch on Windows 10 Operating system-min

Install Elasticsearch:

The file will be download, upon clicking the above-highlighted URL.

Extract the downloaded file; then you would see the below folder structure.

Install Elasticsearch on Windows 10 Operating system Folder

/bin folder contains all binaries required to run Elasticsearch.

/config folder contains all configuration properties related to Elasticsearch, Java and user settings.

Start Elasticsearch:

Once the downloading process completed; now we can start the Elasticsearch from the command line.


If everything went well, the command line terminal would display output similar to the following:

Install Elasticsearch on Windows 10 Operating system output

Elasticsearch loads the configuration details from an elasticsearch.yml file while running it. If you wanted to change the configurations; you always free to change it from the elasticsearch.yml file or you can even provide as parameters while executing the elasticsearch.exe file.

Checking Elasticsearch is running:

You can test that your Elasticsearch node is running by sending an HTTP request to port 9200 on localhost:

Install Elasticsearch on Windows 10 Operating system Browser


Happy Learning 🙂

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