In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install git on windows 10 operating system.

Install Git windows 10 :

Download the Git from official web site, and download the latest version of Git.

For me, it is Git- version and follow the below simple steps to install git.

Step 1 : 

Right click on downloaded Git file and run as administrator, then you can see the below information dialogue to go further installation.

Git install windows 10

Read General Public Licence and click on Next>.

Step 2:

It will ask for Git installation directory by default it will be in C:\Program Files\Git, you can change if you wish.

Git install windows 10 2

Click on Next>

Step 3:

This step allows you to select the git components which you want to install as part of the git installation.

Git install windows 10

Above selection is recommended, those recommendations bring you Git GUI and Git Command prompt.

Click Next >

Step 4:

This dialogue asking you to create shortcuts of git, leave this as default and click Next >

Git install windows 10

Step 5 :

Choose your favourite text editor to work with Git.

Git install Windows 10

Click on Next >

Step 6:

This dialogue asking you to how do you want to use git to set the PATH, go with the recommended option.

Git install Windows 10

By choosing this step git automatically set PATH for you. I will show you how to see the generated PATH at the end of this article.

Click on Next >

Step 7 :

Choose for HTTPS transport, leave it as default.

Git install windows 10

Click on Next >

Step 8: 

Configuring the line ending conversions, leave it as default recommendation.

Git install windows 10

Click on Next>

Step 9 :

Choose for the terminal emulator to use Git Bash.

Git install windows 10

Click on Next >

Step 10:

This window allows you to enable extra features. Select the below recommendations.

Git install windows 10

Click on Install

Step 11 :

Now started the installation process.

Git install windows 10

It will take a couple of minutes to complete.

Step 12:

If everything is done well, you can see the below information.

Git install windows 10

Click on Finish.

Now you can install the Git on Windows 10 operating system.

Check It :

Check whether PATH has been set or not.

Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables > System Variables > select Path and click on Edit. You can see the below git paths.

Git install windows 10

Run it :

Open command prompt and type git –version, you should see your installed git version like below.

Git install windows 10

Now you can confirm that git has been installed successfully on your machine.

References :

Happy Learning 🙂