In this tutorials, I am going to show you some basic things like where do we download the hibernate and how to use in java application.

Hibernate Download :

Following are the simple steps to download and install hibernate on your local machine.

It is always recommended to use latest stable hibernate version.

  • Make a choice whether you want to install Hibernate on Windows operating system, or Unix and then proceed to the next step to download .zip file for windows and .tz for Unix.
  • Download the latest stable version of Hibernate from
  • Finally unzip the downloaded file, it will give you the directory structure like below.

Hibernate Download

Install Hibernate :

Once you download and unzipped the latest version of the Hibernate installation file, you need to perform following step.

  • Now copy all the library files from /lib into your CLASSPATH, and change your classpath variable to include all the jars.

Well, we are done with the setup. Now you can play with hibernate on your local machine.

Happy Learning 🙂