Today, the Java platform is very important to execute in various applications and use it at a wide range of collection. Now, it is the most fabulous object oriented language that to consider for installing in various and mobile platform mobiles. However, this Java is an object oriented programming language that is set with a number of features and suits with the World Wide Web. It compiled to get the code delivery that too represents any functional and class options. In fact, the has a compiler and interpreter program. Therefore, it is set to compile first and then it is must interpret it. In this, the program is compiled by using of byte codes instead of using the machine language. With the help of an interpreter, these byte codes are then converted to machine language with the help of an interpreter. In fact, it is merely a platform independent and that are easily converted by the byte codes to another computer. Also, it does not require any other operating system for compilation. Since, it is an object oriented and might look for the best compilation of errors and must interpret it accordingly. The codes of the Java language are written into the classes and objects. The features of Java are to construct the classes and objects within simple steps. It must write the codes and send to execute in the Java independent platform. However, this is surely secure and runs on any kind of operating system.

Objects in Java

An object is an entity that has state and behavior of a particular entity or places. In addition, it can be a physical or a logical option for stating it. There are three types of characteristics that to be denoted in the Java platform options.

  1. State
  2. Behavior
  3. Identity

By using these three characteristics, you can able to create the objects in the Java objects. Also, there are different ways to create an object in Java. Some of the ways to create objects as follows.

  1. By new keyword
  2. By newInstance () method
  3. By clone () method
  4. By factory method etc

This has widely supported the Java code and must support the code re usability, maintainability, from other objects to design within simple ways. In addition, this will first check the reliability of the code and used to execute the code from other languages. Most often, it can further convert it form higher data types into lower data types. Also, the object code must be robust and secure. This means that it first checks the reliability of the code and it seemed to have higher data types from the compiled code. In addition, it is said to have very secure by converting any code from machine language and it converts to any other computing language. At first, it will check the code by not affecting from any viruses and check for status. If the virus is detected, that code will never be executed again on to that machine level language. So, this is highly safe to execute the programming language for any conversion in the Java platform.