Java String Binary Search Example

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Here we are going to find a specific element in a string array using String Binary Search Algorithm.

String Binary Search :

Searching a string using binary search algorithm is something tricky, comparing to searching a number. Because we can compare 2 numbers directly, but in case of Strings its not as simple as number comparison.

Here I am going to show you how we can do this in Binary Search.

Input: String[] a = { “AAA”, “BBB”, “CCC”, “DDD”, “EEE”, “FFF”, “GGG” };

Element to find: String key = “CCC”;

Output: Key Found at : 2 position

public class BinarySearchString {
  static String[] a = { "AAA", "BBB", "CCC", "DDD", "EEE", "FFF", "GGG" };
  static int min = 0;
  static int max = a.length - 1;
  static int mid;
  static String key = "CCC";
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Key Found at : "+stringBinarySearch()+" position");

  public static int stringBinarySearch() {
    while (min <= max) {
      mid = (min + max) / 2;
      if(a[mid].compareTo(key) < 0) {
        min = mid+1;
      }else if(a[mid].compareTo(key) > 0){
        max = mid-1;
      }else {
        return mid;
    return -1;


Key Found at : 2 position

Happy Learning 🙂

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