To day, we will tell you how to get start with JQuery in simple steps.

Get Start with JQuery :

To get start with JQuery, initially we need to go to download the jQuery.js.  There we can find the two versions. One is Production version and other one is Development version.

For development and testing the application we can go with development version. Since its having a detailed code in jquery.js file. So that, if require we can debug the script file too.

While moving our application to production environment, we can change the development version to production version. Since the production version comes with minimised (compressed) version.

We can easily figure out what is development and production is, the production version is comes with .min.js extension.

After downloading the jQuery JavaScript file, using the <script> HTML tag to reference the pages. Then we used to <head> tag to place the jquery.js file on in the same page directory.


<title>Get Start with JQuery</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.12.4.js"></script>


Build jQuery UI download :

JQuery UI is another flavour of JQuery. It is useful to develop the rich GUI applications. It comes with a bunch of UI components. Here are the steps to download and setup JQueryUI.

Initially, we need to download the jQuery UI from  On the right corner, you can find the Custom Download button. By clicking on that you can redirect to Download Builder page. From that you can follow the below steps accordingly.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” class=”” width=”100%”]
Step 1: Choose the needed components
The Download Builder menu consists of more components such as widgets, interactions, effects and core. The selected components will combined into in jQuery JavaScript file.
Step 2: Select a Theme
Number of different default themes are available in the right column of Download Builder menu. Choose the theme from there. Otherwise we will create a own theme by using Theme Roller.
Step 3: Choose a jQuery version
At the last step, we should select a version number in Download Builder menu. Also we should check whether the version supports to the jQuery library. Because different versions of jQuery are available for Java Script.

The JQuery Get Started part helps in understanding the steps to download jQuery.

Happy Learning 🙂