PHP tutorials | PHP ExamplesWelcome to this PHP tutorials series. You may be a total beginner in programming or a seasoned developer who is looking to learn an extra programming language, yes ! you are in the right place. Here is a brief note about PHP examples/tutorials.

PHP Tutorials Series :

PHP, which stands for PHP: Hypertext Processor, is a server-side scripting language that works together with HTML to develop dynamic websites and web applications.

It was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, who was trying to create a web management system in C, called the Common Gateway Interface (CGI).

Lerdorf named the tools Personal Home Page (PHP) tools, the initial name for the new programming language, later standardised into its current recursive definition.

PHP TutorialsPoint Online :

Here we are providing a complete PHP tutorialspoint for all PHP examples with neat explanation.

PHP Examples :

Here we have given entire PHP package at on tutorialspoint @ online. The examples provided in these tutorials were well tested with our development team.

Kick off PHP Examples :

  1. Introduction and Advantages of PHP Language
  2. IDE (Integrated Development Environment) support to develop PHP Examples
  3. Ways to Develop PHP Examples, PHP Syntax and HelloWorld Example
  4. How to Write Comments in PHP and Case Sensitivity
  5. What are PHP Echo and Differences between Echo vs print
  6. PHP Datatypes with neat examples
  7. PHP String and String Functions
  8. PHP Operators with neat examples
  9. Different types of variables in PHP and usages
  10. Ways to define a function in PHP and Different types of PHP functions
  11. All the different types of PHP Superglobals and their usages
  12. How to define an array in PHP and different types of PHP arrays
  13. How to define multidimensional arrays in PHP with a neat example
  14. How to sort an array in PHP and different types to sort it
  15. PHP conditional statement – PHP if, if… else, if.. elseif.. else statement
  16. PHP conditional statement – PHP switch statement
  17. PHP break and continue statements and their usages
  18. PHP for loop example
  19. PHP How to Read a file Example
  20. PHP File Handling fopen fread and fclose Example
  21. How to write (PHP fwrite) a file in PHP
  22. PHP Form Handling Example

Happy Learning 🙂