How install Python on Windows 10

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In this tutorial, we will see how to install Python on Windows 10 operating system.

Installation Versions :

  • Python 3.6.5
  • Windows 10 (64 bit)

Download Python :

Download the latest version from Python offecial website.

install Python on windows 10

I am downloading Python 3.6.5 and Windows x86-64 executable installer. Click on the above-highlighted url.

install Python on windows 10 2

Click on Save File, it will download the file in your downloads folder. Now follow the below steps to install python.

Install Python on Windows 10 :

double click on downloaded file, it will open the installation wizard.

install Python on Windows 10 3

click on Install Now option for default installation directory,

Note : If you don’t want to go with default options you can customise the installtion by clicking on Customize installation option.

install Python on Windows 10 4

Now installation is in progress, wait for some time to complete the installation process..

If everything went well, we should see the below successful wizard.

install Python on Windows 10 5

Click on Close.

Now we have successfully installed the Python on Windows 10.

Run Python :

Goto Windows menu, search for Python and you should see the below python folder like below.

install python on windows 10 6 new

Click on IDLE (Python) to open the Python shell.

Install Python in windows 10 shell

Now you can see the Hello World message for print() function.

Reference :

Python downloads

Python Tutorials

Happy Learning 🙂

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