In this tutorials, I am going to show you how to read input from the keyboard in python.

Python raw_input :

Python raw_input is a python function used to read the input from keyboard in the form of String.

raw_input() Example :

x=raw_input("Enter any value : ")
print x
print type(x)

If we use raw_input() function, whatever the type of data we given as an input, it will internally convert as string type. We can check the type of data using type(x) function.

Note : The raw_input() function has been deprecated in python 3.x instead we can use python input() function.

Lets run the above sample code :

$ python
Enter any value : chandra
<type 'str'>
$ python
Enter any value : 1234
<type 'str'>
$ python
Enter any value : 1.235
<type 'str'>

Happy Learning 🙂