Python is a powerful and general purpose programming language developed by the Guido van Rossum, and its implementation began in December 1989.

Python Language :

Guido van Rossum developed python language at a mathematical research institute called Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in the Netherlands.

Guido developed python language by taking the different language’s features like

  • Procedural Oriented  Programming language  C
  • Object Oriented  Programming languages like  C++, Java
  • Scripting languages like shell scripting, Perl
  • Modular Programming Languages like Modula-3

The first release of python language was in 1991 so that the official date of birth of Python Language is: Feb 20 1991.

What can we do with Python Language?

We can do the following things by using python.

  • We can develop GUI Applications.
  • We can develop Web Applications.
  • We can do Data Analytics.
  • We can do Task Automation.
  • We can implement Test Cases.
  • We can do Scientific application development
  • We can do network application development and
  • Gaming/Animation Application development.

Most of the people calling Python is a scripting language because the way of developing and execution of python applications are similar to the scripting languages.

Programming Vs Scripting Language :

1) Programming languages are compiler based languages, where are scripting languages are interpreter based languages.

2) If we want to execute the programming languages, its require explicit compilation, whereas in scripting languages explicit compilation is not required.

3) Programming languages take less time to complete, whereas Scripting languages will take longer time.

Resources :

Happy Learning 🙂