In this tutorial, I am going to show how to install the Redis server in windows 10 operating system.

What is Redis?

Redis stands for Remote Dictionary Server, and it is an open-source in-memory key-value data structure store. It supports data structures such as strings, hashes, list, set and more. Redis comes with different flavours like caching, session management, producer/consumer topic messaging and database.

Why do we use Redis?

Redis is speedy because everything is stored in an in-memory, so there is no hardware involved init. Redis was written in C language, that is why it is extremely fast.

Install Redis Server:

Step 1: Download the latest Redis zip file from the official git hub location. For me it is

Step 2: Extract file in your preferred location.

Step 3: It will come with two different folders, one is for 32bit, and another one is for 64bit based on your operating system.

Step 4: Goto 64bit there you can find the below files.

Install Redis server on windows 10

Step 4: Double click on the redis-server.exe file, there you can see the redis-server startup and wait for connecting to clients like below.

Redis server on windows 10 2

Step 5: Now open the redis-cli.exe file to the redis command-line interface.

Install Redis server on windows 10 3

As this acts as a redis client, as soon as we open this cli, we can see the client connected message in redis server like below.

Install Redis server on windows 10 4

Now we can say that the redis server and client connected successfully. Now let’s try to pass some messages from the client to the redis server.

As we discussed redis is an in-memory key-value data structure store so that the data in redis represents as key-value pairs.

Inserting/Reading data into redis server:

Inserting data in redis:

Adding data into the redis server
redis> set "name" "chandra shekhar"

Reading data from redis:

reading data with key
redis> get "name"
"chandra shekhar"
Install Redis server on windows 10 5

Producer/Consumer messages with redis:

Open two individual redis-cli, make one cli as a producer and another one as a consumer.

The syntax for Subscribe:

subscribing to java-books channel
subscribe "java-books"

subscribe is a keyword is used to accept a channel, where the channel is java_books.

The syntax for Publish:

publishing message to java-books channel
publish "java-books" "java8 in action"

Like subscribe, publish is also a keyword to post a message on a specific topic. On the above example, I publish my message like “java8 in action” on “java-books” subscribers.

Install Redis server on windows 10 Final Output


Happy Learning 🙂