How to install PuTTY on windows 10

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In this tutorial, we are going to see how to install PuTTY on Windows 10 operating system.

Install PuTTY on windows 10:

PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client, developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform. PuTTY is an open source software that is available with source code and is developed and supported by a group of volunteers.


  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Putty 64bit installer

1. Get PuTTY:

Download the latest putty from the official website.

Install Putty on Windows 10(1)-min

Click on the above putty-64bit-0.71-installer.msi file to download the putty.

2. Install PuTTY:

Right click on the downloaded .msi file and click on install, the below setup wizard will be popped up.

Install Putty on Windows 10 2-min

Click on next. Provide installation directory path and click on Next.

Install Putty on Windows 10 3-min

You will see the below product Features window, select Install PuTTY files and click on the Install button.

Install Putty on Windows 10 4-min

Then you could see the install process, and finally, you will see the success window.

Install Putty on Windows 10 5-min

Click on the Finish button.

3. Verify:

Search PuTTY on your windows search bar; then you would see the below PuTTY desktop app.

Install Putty on Windows 10 6-min

Click on PuTTY desktop app; then you would see the below PuTTY window.

Install Putty on Windows 10 7-min



Happy Learning 🙂

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